Earl Craig works hard to live his dream!

When I think of determination and perseverance, for relentlessly pursuing your dream despite any (and all) obstacles, I think of Earl Craig Hendricks. I have been following Earl on Twitter for some time and always found his tweets entertaining, insanely humorous and sometimes downright on point at the best of times. It had then come... Continue Reading →


What will your next Status Update be?

What if everything you posted to social media came true? New teen movie “Status Update” offers a glimpse of what life would be like if your dreams came true every time you updated your status. The movie features former Disney Channel star, Ross Lynch, as the quintessential California kid Kyle, who is uprooted when his parents split,... Continue Reading →

The Cannabis Expo 2018 happening in South Africa!

Pretoria, South Africa – Cannabis is big business. The versatile cannabis plant, which has a huge variety of uses, is making waves globally in industries across the business spectrum. The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of businesses and medical professionals in South Africa getting involved with cannabis-related products, and... Continue Reading →


“See the genre don’t ever define my content/ I let my lyrics help the beat find it’s conscience,” raps the Capetonian musical visionary, Nyota, in I’m Over It, off their latest EP titled Purification Project recorded at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. At seventeen years old, the non-binary, non-conformist Nyota’s sound feels like a throwback with a twist.... Continue Reading →

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