World Young Rheumatic Disease Day 2019

Did you know that arthritis affects kids and young adults too?

53968628_2298988183664460_3332472662634004480_nI didn’t, until I was invited to join the Arthritis Foundation of South Africa for #WORDDay2019 held 18th March 2019. This International awareness day was the first of its kind for children and young adults living with rheumatic diseases.

You may have thought that only older people were affected by arthritis. Possibly, the only people you have known with arthritis are your grandparents and their friends, but there are different types of arthritis some of which can affect people of any age, even children and teenagers.

The Arthritis Foundation South Africa hosted children (affected by arthritis) and their parents up Table Mountain whilst Paediatric Rheumatologist Proffesor Scott hiked up the mountain in a suit in an effort to draw attention to this important cause. The symbolism of ascending Table Mountain are for the many challenges and difficulties the children have to overcome with having Rheumatoid disease.


If you would like to see more and find out how you can support the Arthritis Foundation South Africa, visit the website:

To see what I got up to for #WORDDay2019, check out my Twitter feed on @niccinotes and my Instagram @niccinotes

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