Do you see yourself being The Ultimate Braai Master?

Ultimate Braai Master have announced the return of their sixth season on our TV screens starting Feb 3rd, 2019 and I kid you not when I say, I am super excited!

I was invited to be a part of the journey and experience Ultimate Braai Master from the eyes of the contestants and crew; and spoiler alert – I am not your Ultimate Braai Master champion at all!


About Ultimate Braai Master #UBM:

The Ultimate Braai Master is a proudly South African created reality cooking show. Teams of braai “mates” embark on a 8 week road trip and get their creative braai skills pushed beyond its limits at the most exceptional locations our country has to offer; all in hopes of walking away with the title, cash and brand new Suzuki IGNIS.

If you have been following UBM and think the challenges set in the previous seasons were too easy, you are 100% correct! This season sees Justin Bonello putting contestants through their paces testing them not only on the braai front, but physically, emotionally and mentally – “Come wind or rain, we braai

Magic makers – UBM crew; photo by: Louis Hiemstra

I had my first meeting with crew on their off day and thankfully it made it easier to break the ice (or is it coals?). These guys are put through their paces just as much, if not harder than contestants in efforts to create magic behind the scenes. Peter Gird – executive producer – guided me through set build up, challenge layout/plans yet would not allow me to be part of the judges’ talks keeping some element of mystery; which I fully appreciated as I got to experience the emotions of the contestants when meeting around the fire.

UBM6 contestants, photo by Louis Hiemstra

The contestants this season are from all corners of the country and all walks of life. From college braai mates to world-class chefs to braai champions, but who will reign this season is to be seen…

I don’t want to (and can’t) share much of my experience with crew and contestants as it might just reveal more than I want to, but I will say this much – Be sure to be seated in front of your television screens on 3rd February 2019 as Justin lights the first fire for the 6th season of Ultimate Braai Master on eTV

Once the fire is lit – I will share more 😉


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