“See the genre don’t ever define my content/ I let my lyrics help the beat find it’s conscience,” raps the Capetonian musical visionary, Nyota, in I’m Over It, off their latest EP titled Purification Project recorded at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town.

Nyota EP 1

At seventeen years old, the non-binary, non-conformist Nyota’s sound feels like a throwback with a twist. The singer and rapper combines trap & jazz to form a unique blend of Trazz – how Nyota identifies the sound of the new EP. The latest project is sequel to the 2016 release Age of Enlightenment. The Purification Project aims to not only enlighten but to purify mindsets and introduce them to a new vision.

As a Congolese-Irish-South African artist, the diverse background and identity can be felt through the music. “My identity influences my content quite a lot as it shows that I am not limited and cannot be put in a box,” Nyota states. Inspired by Tom Misch and Nicki Minaj, the artist adds, “I am very versatile. This is why a lot of my content is all about not conforming to the ways of the world. I would like listeners to be a bit more open minded, to be inspired to find themselves and be proud of who they are.”

Recently listed in I-D magazine as one of the key players in Cape Town hip-hop, Nyota is grateful to have had an opportunity to work with Red Bull Music. “It is awesome to build a relationship with a brand such as Red Bull. They were very welcoming and they allowed me to complete my project in a very comfortable environment. It is nice to have such a brand creating platforms and good recording space for emerging artists.”


Red Bull Studios focuses on providing a creative workspace and industry opportunities to both local and international artists and producers. It has a global network encompassing major cities across the globe including Amsterdam, Auckland, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, New York, Paris and Sao Paolo.

Starting off the year vibrating at a higher frequency, the eclectic young musician plans on keeping the momentum through collaborations, local and international tours and a focus on promoting their new projects.

Nyota’s EP is now available on Red Bull Music Studios’ Soundcloud: Purification Project


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