Looking forward to 2018 opportunities?

2017 – I made the decision to make more of a media presence, to make my personal blog work, to post more frequently and I think I fulfilled those plans…


I would like to say thanks to having a strong urge to voice my opinion differently than what was happening at the time came the birth of my very own live stream show 😀 **Hello Media Presence** With having absolutely no experience, no plan, no structure, no nothing, but the want to making people aware of our surroundings and its hidden gems – I decided to jump at the opportunity presented by Miguel Arends to start my own show and actually do it on a weekly basis… **Hello more frequent posts**

Is my personal blog working? Personally, I don’t think so… I have been posting more frequently, but not my own work… I have an event review in my head that I will hopefully post in two days and then its just more one-sided conversation type posts… There are thoughts in my head that need to be put out there and I just pray that I’m not the only one that feels a certain way or that there are individuals who can relate… Let me add a disclaimer: The thoughts in my head are not necessarily things I go through personally, its more observations and just not understanding certain processes or certain people’s tolerance and endurance… So I would probably be publishing articles in the hopes that I would be learning more and gaining more of an understanding; after all “Life is one major learning curve”

**okay, back on topic**

So, I’ve been playing around with the subject question and because I don’t stick to new years resolutions (more like fail at them); I’ve made it more a matter of – What is the one thing I can do today that will make tomorrow better? What is it that will make my tomorrow better? …and… How will my actions today allow me to be of benefit to the next person?

So I’ve picked one goal – Build on NicciNotes… Allow NicciNotes to grow in such a sense that it could provide an uplifting platform for the underground, the unrecognised, the start ups and hopefully make 2018 the year of the dreamers & go-getters… Am I being naive or too optimistic? Maybe, but I will remain hopeful…

Catch the return of my Livestream show on 25 January 2018 – Thanks to all who have been following and don’t forget to invite your friends, friends’ friends & friends’ friends’ friends **LOL** Oh; and also take time to follow my Co-Hosts: Darren Southgate and Jason Raaff of RS LIVE – The adventures we have this year will hopefully make for comedic relief and more 😀




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