It’s officially a #SIZZLEDFAMILYDAY

It’s as if the infamous “Cape Doctor” refused to not be a part of the anticipated welcoming event of Sizzled on 27 November 2017, much to some patrons dissatisfaction, but Sizzled was on point in many other ways…

Many precautions that were put in place the night before to accomodate sizzled patrons were blown over overnight, much to organizers dismay and delaying the doors opening on the day of the event. It did not stop the place filling up at all, nor was there any chill from the artists on the line-up.

Side story: So I chose to wear a white sweater and I looked pretty amazing in it. I carefully ensured that the smoothie I had bought was only half so that there was no way I could spill, but then I still don’t know if I tripped or the wind just hit me at the best angle… but that strawberry and pineapple smoothie landed on my sweater and in my hair 😦 I tried to clean my sweater with ice, but there was no saving my hair. I rushed home, washed and dried my hair and changed clothing in under a hour – proud I am from myself!

Highlight of the day was from Sizzled debut performer BlaqKongo – I do not have words to fully describe the euphoria experienced during his set, all I can say is that he took the crowd and turned up the HEAT for the headliners!


Sizzled definitely is a refreshing day-to-night outing that offers so much more value for your buck. It’s all about the appreciation for great music, amazing gourmet food and the integration of diverse cultures celebrating a rich heritage.

Experience a plethora of music genres spanning from house, deep house, electronica, bass, trap, dubstep, hip-hop, reggae & live performing bands alike. Why not come experience the magic, positive energy & unity that is the Sizzled difference, for yourself?


When: 26 December 2017 … get it now? #SizzledFamilyDay ?

All tickets are sold via Computicket online or at any checkers stores nationwide.

– Tickets are R150 (Limited)
– Door Price: R200 (Limited)
– Sizzled VIP Table booking/package: email

Please Share the love & let’s unite as one Sizzling family.

#GetSizzled #Sizzled2017 #Sizzled


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