Festive Season Stocking Stuffers for Sneaker Freaks

Whether you’re buying sneakers for a Vans fan, Nike nut, Adidas addict or Reebok radical this festive season, why not throw in some products to keep your gift looking fresher for longer? Sneaker LAB – born from an infectious passion for sneakers and minimalist street culture – offers an environmentally friendly, biotech-driven, premium shoe care range comprising products that cleancare for and protect sneakers.


Squeaky clean sneaks

Keeping kicks clean is easy with Sneaker Cleaner (R79.00) – a pro-bacteria concentrated solution that accelerates the breakdown of dirt at a microscopic level and continues cleaning for up to three days after application.

Armour in a bottle

With a water-based treatment that acts as an invisible protective barrier against dirt and stains, Sneaker Protector (R79.00) makes cleaning easier and keeps sneakers looking newer for longer.

Spotless sneakers anywhere

Sneaker Wipes (R99.00), soaked in Sneaker LAB’s signature Sneaker Cleaner solution, are designed for on-the-go cleaning with 12 individually packaged wipes perfectly sized to fit into pockets and handbags.

Longer lasting leather shoes

Prolong the life of leather shoes and restore that ‘new shoe’ smell with Leather Care (R79.00) – a water-based cream that combines special nutrients and sealants to nourish and protect leather. The conditioner also protects shoes from UV rays and creates a water-resistant seal. To keep leather shoes looking good while on the move, Leather Wipes (R99.00) – drenched in the Leather Care cream – are the answer.

No-reek sneaks  

Say goodbye to stinky sneakers with Odor Protector (R79.00), which prevents and eliminates unwanted odour emitting bacteria. The pro-bacterial formula continues working long after application to actively keep kicks odour free.

Technological takkie towel

With fibres that are 20% finer than a human hair, the extremely absorbent Microfiber Towel (R99.00) has been designed specifically for sneaker care and maintenance. The Towel has been made with microscopic fibres to increase absorption and features non-abrasive technology.

Kits to keep kicks crisp


Sneaker LAB shoe and sneaker care essentials are also available in convenient kits. The Deluxe Kit (R390.00) comprises all of the products packed in a limited edition box, while the Premium Kit (R249.00) features the Sneaker Cleaner, Odor Protector, Premium Brush and Sneaker Protector packaged in a re-sealable Velcro travel pouch. The Basic Kit (R129.00) includes the Sneaker Cleaner and Premium Shoe Brush – the two must-haves for keeping sneakers clean and looking their best.

All products in the range work on various materials such as suede, nubuck, leather and canvas. They are also water-based and readily biodegradable, with packaging suitable for recycling. What’s more, the Sneaker LAB website has a series of videos showing sneakerheads how best to use the products and care for their kicks.

With stocking stuffers like these, sneaker freaks will be smiling long after the festive season.

For more information, or to purchase Sneaker LAB products, visit https://sneakerlab.com.


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