Travel young “they” say… HOW? I ask…

As students, we all get bitten by the “wanderlust” bug, but very rarely do we give into it…

images (1)

Thanks to study fees and maintaining social living standards, travelling seems near impossible, however thanks to student travels might just be within grasp.

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Personally, finances has always been my excuse for not booking that ticket and the currency exchange rate has not helped the cause, but after comparing flights, browsing through their budget tips and CHEAP (love this word) student destinations, I have come to realise that my timing was completely off!


Their Student Flights page is very insightful for the first time travelers and for those who save tirelessly to travel far less than their hearts desire. I am so happy that two of my dream destinations are on the CHEAP list and will definitely be making use of the site over the affordable travel period!

images (3)

Check it out now! Book those flights! You may thank me later…


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