2016 Reflections…

Whilst many reflect on what made 2016 a good/bad year… I am choosing to focus on how 2016 has defined me…

2016 has not been easy, yet here I am facing 2017… 2016 has definitely taught me a lot of lessons in friendship, love and work.

Work: I near lost my job due to no fault other than my own; and thankfully management gave me a second chance… I’m flaking a bit, but my stats at work speak for themselves in how much my head space has changed. I started working for MMA Africa and continuously striving to learn more about the sport whilst making a positive impact on the brand. All in all; 2016 work has come with its challenges but also it’s rewards.

15442308_1854375484792401_5935288932188282725_nMy personal blog is being recognised a bit more; not as much as the top blogs, but somewhere there is a quote that I hold dear to me and that is “it’s not the amount of followers; but the quality of those followers that makes a difference” I have been rather neglectful; however will try to do more for my followers (Your feedback and comments are appreciated)

Friendships: *OMG* 2016 has shown me that friendships are the most unstable relationships one can have! That doesn’t make them any less valuable. We get busy, we have responsibilities, we have lives and when we get together we fill the air with magic and laughter. I am blessed to have the friends I have. Even in my silent moments, know that I appreciate you and love you

Love: An emotion that requires work, patience and should be given freely. Most important person to love is yourself. Love should not be questioned, for it is when you begin to question it that love withers and evokes doubt.

Then the most defining moment of 2016 is the day I lost my father. A good man who had the very best intentions for all. My best friend, my hero, my protector and the best father I allowed him to be! He set the standard for the qualities I want in the man I wish to spend many joyful years with (minus a beard) – because of my father, I aspire to be more tomorrow than I am today and use today to prepare for a better tomorrow.

2017 (I hope) will be interesting as I start a course in #PRmanagement; strive to be better in my work and pursue making a presence in the media spectrum…

May the last days of 2016 be blessed for all and turn our frowns into laughter!


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