Casa Bella…

…loosely translated to English means “nice house” or “beautiful home” but I think “nice” is an understatement. Casa Bella – Wood Fired Pizza, Pasta and Grills opened its doors in Grand West, Cape Town in March 2016.

It was fairly quiet when we entered, however our waitron attended to us quickly and with a warm welcome. The décor was very classic – different wine glasses, fabric napkins and straw-like place-mat, if I have to describe it all I would use “cute” and I don’t think that’s the correct word.

20160803_170101.jpgThe complimentary starters that we got to nibble on were so different than the usual breads that I love from Ocean Basket, yet so addictively yummy! Also served with a side of garlic, parmesan and chilli – but those chillies should come with a hazardous label, it is not for the faint hearted!

The Italian menu spoke to my tummy in so many beautiful ways; however I can’t order everything so individually we ordered from different sections. Pizza was sinfully delicious, Pasta was like a piece of heaven melting in my mouth with each bite and the steak *insert drool face here*had no mercy on my soul!



I could not indulge in the dessert as we had no time and I had no space, however I sipped on their Black Forest milkshake which was not overpoweringly sweet (as expected) and the cherry bits are divine.

If you want to treat your significant others to a intimate yet trendy date – try out Casa Bella! Value for your money!


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