Sweet Nothings…

I wanted you the moment I first saw you, but I’m damaged by so many before you that I dare not tell you. I believe your every word of affection, I trust that you may just be the one to break the cycle of countless lies I’ve endured…

I tell myself that maybe risks should be experienced in abundance, so I lock my heart away (or so I think) and convince myself that should you prove yourself over the test of time, maybe then I will unlock my emotions and bare more than just my skin…

I’ve become so accustomed to men just wanting the fleshy bits that I do not care for how much of me gets exposed, but I care nonetheless… I care for the scars that lie exposed, your judgmental thoughts and what will become of all of this… I share a secret or two; and in that moment realize how idiotic I am… The fool I thought I could hide has exposed herself… dammit!IMG_0473_web.jpg

I convince myself maybe honesty and straightforwardness will be the difference this time, so I hold on a little longer. Maybe we share the same tiredness (and pointless-ness) of having to tip toe around what is socially acceptable and being smart over being humane…

Until one day (maybe the next) messages go unanswered or answered hours (even days) later and that normal feelings of immorality slaps you in the face… you were just another conquer, nothing special, it was all a game and you lost baby girl…

  • Do not feed into your disappointment
  • Do not think any less of yourself
  • Do not for a second think of it as “The End”

Remember instead:

  • You are beautiful
  • You are strong
  • You are capable of so much more
  • You will achieve anything within your control

In time (the most costly thing in all of our lives) everything works out accordingly… Be patient and focus on the amazing person you are…


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