I said I would try and how miserably I failed at so much as trying to post regularly, not that I meant to. As stated in prior post, I am very active on Facebook and Instagram 🙂 so at least I wasn’t entirely out of touch…

I haven’t also purposely not been posting, as so much of my actual day job, attending events, attempting to stay in personal touch with friends and family and recovery time has really taken up too much of it, but then again I have an issue with time management that I really need to address, maybe that should be my short term goal for 2016 – manage my time more efficiently and smarter (notice I stated “short term goal for 2016” and not new year’s resolution)

…so 2015 happened and it has been a year of reality checks by the number! I’m proud of my heart as it has only been scarred twice and I appreciate the lessons learned, also amazed at how much it matured me. I am overwhelmingly honored by the support received from friends and the opportunities granted to me, I can without a doubt state – without you I would not be determined to make a success of this. The messages received from friends new and old, far and near, and random strangers as well, it is heart-warming to say the least – THANK YOU!

A short (and sweet) update of two outstanding events I had the pleasure of being in attendance of and have failed to blog about (stop scolding):

Halloween Day of the Dead festival with Bass Modulators – Let me just get my pervertedness out of the way and state how super cute these guys are, it was hotness overload for my peripherals, and again I am amazed at how humble and down to earth these guys are. It was my second hardstyle event and the first Halloween I actually got dressed up for (I liked dressing up and strongly feel it should be a more regular occurrence). The hardstyle community is always so much fun; I am filled with happiness being amongst people who are solely in attendance for the music and to dance to their souls’ content. Every DJ seems to put their best performance out there to entertain to the max and it is well received and appreciated – I can personally attest to that!

SIZZLED!! – (please hold while I gather my thoughts as I am currently at a loss for words) *about 30 minutes later* The sizzled organizers are of the most strong willed and so hard working! The amount of time and effort (of major proportion) to put together one party is beyond my nervous system’s comprehension! The gathering of people from different races and religions gathering at a sizzled event and partying alongside one another in peace and harmony is indescribable and brings about so much joy! The artists on the menu and the way the line-up gets put together and each artists performance – from live acts, poets, musicians and DJs – there is just not enough compliments that will do you all justice! Besides minor glitches and unfortunate events, I have the utmost faith that it will grow into a beautiful and prosperous brand! …oh oh oh and just a minor (and probably irrelevant) note of thanks for allowing me to perve on a certain Leighton Moody #blushgiglsmilesfordays

Furthermore I have had the pleasure of gaining so many new friendships and acquaintances as well as revival of lost friendships, 2015 was a good mixture of lessons and blessings and I appreciate every person and event…

Let’s get 2016 started and may it be the year of success to all!


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