While you were missing me…

Past few weekends I have been making an effort to make more time for friends, meet new people and be more social as well – those who know me will know the struggle as I am somewhat awkwardly shy… add to all my effort finding time to post has been somewhat challenging, however I hope this may get everyone on par (especially those who missed me)

26/09 – Funky Buddha at Fiction:

I haven’t necessarily been a fan of partying in the CBD vicinity, however was convinced that this event may be enjoyable. I had actually forgotten to purchase my tickets the Friday before the event, only to be granted tickets by the event organizers early Saturday morning – Thank you.

Besides surprisingly meeting up with friends I had not seen in years, the atmosphere was very chilled and relaxed. We had arrived just as the headliner DJ: Jack Gorton (Phat Jack) began his set and from start to finish it was a set thoroughly enjoyed. The semi-intimate spacing and layout of Fiction reminded me a bit of Deluxe and Jack had the crowd entranced with his unique ability to remain on point throughout his set. Personally I enjoyed it simply because Jack seemed to be having loads of fun on decks; almost as much as the people were enjoying his epic talent on display.

27/09 – EarthWave 2015:

This event is held annually at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg with the highlight being a Guinness World Record attempt to have the most surfers on the same wave. The current record stands at 110 surfers. The weather started off on the friendly side only to call the attempt short as it turned against everyone. Earthwave proved to be a very interactive type of event – with treasure hunt activities for the young ones, a bikini parade and live band entertainment and proper “jol” thereafter.

Hopefully next year will be in our favor and allows for much more participants and a successful Guinness attempt!

02/10 – My first OHP:

OHP (Open House Party) is an event that has been around for quite some time and I have always been hearing about it, however could never find time to actually get around to it and on this night I also had to support another friend, however was determined to experience an OHP event, plus it was at the headquarters and supposed place of inception, so why not?

In all honesty I felt weird initially because I was going to someone’s house and I didn’t exactly know whom, felt somewhat like an uninvited guest… thankfully friends were there so I had company to put me at ease and then the owner of the house spoke to me… I have seen Byron at many events, but we had never ever ever (LOL) so much as greeted each other, was somewhat surprised, however he seems to be the cool dude people say he is… It definitely was a proper decent and fun house party. A casual gathering of friends out to party together, which was pretty awesome in my opinion.

04/10 – Sizzled at The Castle:

I really do not know where to start! I rarely attend events held on a Sunday, however was superbly amped to have been invited and be at this #Sizzled event. A party at the castle… A party at the castle… in town… A party at the historic and iconic Castle of Goodhope in central CBD… WOW!

Weather wasn’t going to hold me back nor anyone else it seemed as the castle grounds filled up fairly quickly… The setup of everything was so well spaced out, some may say it was a bit too spaced apart, lacking the intimacy of the previous location, however with the way these event organizers are putting the awesome talent and entertaining DJ’s and artists together, the castle grounds may just become a bit too small to contain everyone, LOL – take a second to think about that one! I so much wanted to tour the grounds to take in the ambiance, but the music was too good and the crowd was amazingly interactive, it was too awesome… I am definitely looking forward to this summer with the standard #Sizzled has set!

I have been relatively quiet for lengthy periods of time which is totally inappropriate, I thank you all in advance for bearing with me thus far and all I can do is try to be more active.. I’m not good at making or keeping promises, but give you my (typed) word that I will try…

…alternatively follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I am always active there *wink*


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