With the recent discovery of Homo Naledi and claims of another species of mankind, so too the rejection of possible ancestral links to “it” alongside South Africans celebrating heritage day, it made me question things…


What is “heritage”?

Well according to familysearch.com : In a nutshell heritage is that which has been handed down to us from the past through our forebears, that family legacy which we have ‘inherited’ from our ancestors. This family heritage which we inherit will include traditions, values, culture, language, history, lineage, bloodline, stories and personal traits, both physical and characteristic. However, it can also refer to more tangible assets as well, such as wealth, businesses, property and land, particularly that which has been in the family’s possession for multiple generations.

How does this explain my heritage?

Using the explanation above… I guess my heritage is something I would need to look into… wealth is definitely not one of it, I wish it were… I do however acknowledge my small Chinese feet, my temper and attitude of my Italian ancestors, my freckles and pale skin from my “cockney” forefathers and my sleek Malay hair that would pass any pencil test #LOL

Those are 2 attributes (physical and personality) that partially makes up my heritage I guess… Traditions? Values? Those are forever changing and with my attitude on life, it’s a case of: whatever suits you best and makes you happy, go for gold… I’m not going to force my beliefs onto my daughter, all I want is for her to grow into a strong, respectful and decent human being whatever traits she picks up along the way will be for both of us to embrace, provided they’re of positive nature…

Culture? Now this is a bit of a sore topic as I have read plenty of ignorant articles about “colored” culture and got highly infuriated with a “colored” VuzuTV presenter who stated “coloreds have no real culture”

I am not even going to continue with my infuriation regarding the above culture factor as I would like to keep all posts on the light note…

photo credit: Cape Town Tourism

Okay… back to this “heritage” thing…

Why do we celebrate our “heritage” on 24 September?

On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

In KZN (pre-1995) this day was known as Shaka day by the Zulu clan and were at first opposed to heritage day being celebrated nationally by the rest of south Africa, however a mutual agreement was reached by IFP (A Zulu political party) and parliament. ((All in the spirit of celebrating diversity and embracing unity))

Everyone celebrates the day differently, some don’t celebrate at all, as of 2007 “heritage day” also became “national braai day” which is part and parcel of many people’s tradition and culture; yet there are those who say that “braai day” is an attempt to forget the origins of the day… each to his own I say… people celebrate differently because of different heritages and the day was put in place to celebrate our differences as a unified country…

With all of that stated, my wish is that we may continue to celebrate the day we feel fit, forget what is enforced on us by media regarding one’s roots and just be kind to one another…


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