Women’s Weekend that Was…

Image result for womens day south africaWomen’s Day in South Africa is a national public holiday celebrated on the 09th August annually in commemoration of the women who marched in protest to the “dompas” during the years of apartheid, this year that date fell on a Sunday allowing for a long weekend for some…

I was really looking forward to the weekend as it was a horrible week of note and what better way than attending the Mercury Live Relaunch with friends… We got to Mercury slightly after 10PM and already there was an atmosphere of entertainment as I eavesdropped on the conversation behind us whilst standing in queue – It is hilarious to overhear guys speaking about what a great time they plan on having based on the number of “hot” chicks they will be with.

photo credit: Mercury Live CTN FB page
photo credit: Mercury Live CTN FB page

Once inside, I was bewildered by the friendliness of the people, there is no dress code, yet not one soul was dressed inappropriately for a nightclub and it was just welcoming in my experience. The live performances from Ice Cream & The Chocolate Stix; and the Rudimentals had me mesmerized! I rarely enjoy a live band performance inside a club, however these guys had a party and the vibe they set was chilled, yet fun and superbly entertaining!

DJ sets from Mezza9, Grimehouse and Marco Massive were on point (as per always) and had everyone going crazy. Once again, the friendliness of everyone surprised me as there was this sense of encouragement to interact and converse with one another and dance together; which is superbly different from clubs I have been at thus far. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and definitely will be returning!

…and then I discovered my car was broken into… from elation to depression in a single second of realization that I had become a victim of crime… and the worst was that it was not only my stuff stolen from the vehicle… anyhoo, I shall survive and believe “God only empties your hands in order to receive” …I am ready to receive your blessings Lord #Amen

Saturday Afternoon, I then convinced my friend Danielle to tag along to a Woman’s Day event at The Pizza Shack as I had to capture moments of the event. Little unbeknown to us, we would be subjected to not only topless bartenders and a male stripper, but also a “sex talk” and demonstration of a few toys (laughing for days). The older females surprised me with how comfortably open they were to the topic causing for much more laughter and fun!

Performances from Candice Thornton and Vuvu Khumalo were so soulful! These two women are entertaining, funny and superbly talented. I almost want to take them home just so that I could have my very own divas performing throughout my whole life!

The rest of my weekend was simply dealing with SAPS, more chill time with friends and exploring new endeavors. To the events and visits I was unable to attend, please note in future, I will do my utmost to better manage my time – Time management, every chick’s struggle…

This is the NicciNotes weekend report live from my laptop onto your screens, LOL!


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