The Power of Social Media…

Whenever a set of certain events play out on any social media platform they either result in attaining the goal result or making a total mockery of a fully avoidable situation. My question is always: Why does it have to go to the extent of social media in order for a resolution, if any at all?

I always wonder if people realize the image they are portraying over these social media platforms; and whether or not they coincide with the person they actually are… I, for one, will admit that what I post is not necessarily who I am, but it’s also not a misrepresentation of who I am… Assumptions made of who I am based on what I post or like or upload is laughable sometimes and other times flattering (I don’t really care for negative commentary although will accept criticism)

I have met beautiful individuals and am honored to call them friends; at the same time have been fooled to see how pretentious many are as well… Thankfully I have had the guided support of true friends to remain unscathed by those who could do damage.

The purpose of social media (as far as I understand) is to network, stay connected to loved ones you may not see frequently and advertising maybe; yet it has developed into means of befriending strangers, employers can now do background checks and has become a very public way of airing dirty laundry…

Social media can strongly influence people, but I do not believe that it is powerful enough to change perception. Social media provides a platform for people of similar opinion to congregate and share mutual experiences and also debate matters of difference. Eg: KFC debacle – Did it stop individuals from eating KFC, some yes maybe, did it shut down the franchise, nope…

People are entitled to do and post as they see fit, at the end of the day it will never tarnish a well established reputation or career, not even a start-up venture can have their reputation tarnished… the only impact any given post will have on anybody is if there is substance in character of the person who is posting. The only people who are influenced are those who share similar sentiments. (Those who disagree are welcome to post their comments below).

With all of that being said (typed), I have noticed how people have forgotten how to be courteous to one another, it has saddened me to see people lose their morals and lack basic etiquette in full view of the audience of social media… Going forward is there any way that people will be more humane and understanding towards one another; or am I being too optimistic here? For those who I have unintentionally offended, I apologize, these are my thoughts and I am choosing to share this…


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