Diaries of The Beat – Chapter 1

The one quality about Cape Town that I appreciate is the diversity within our city… even more so present when it comes to the element of art in all its form, whether it is music, clothing, food or sport… and about two weeks ago (blame Telkom for the late report) I had the privilege of being in attendance of an event at Amadoda Braai, Woodstock…Diaries Of The Beat event poster

Even though Amadoda is known for multiple events, this one proved a bit unique… more because the music selection was different… each DJ I associated with a different genre, different culture and different background… I got to the venue late (don’t ask questions, I’m female, should be suffice of a reason) and on decks was “JayDee” who delved into a mix of music genres (deep house, RNB, electro house and some other type of house). DJ Kixi and Andre R followed with a semi back to back (I think) – was trying out Amadoda Braai (tastiness) at the time so my mind was on food (don’t judge) – who maintained the tone and vibe set prior…

I was really impressed by DJ Less (less definitely proved to be more). His set was of first class quality and to think he is still on the rise… He definitely got people moving and at times got the crowd vocal about their appreciation for his set… Clearly those sentiments were shared by the owner who presented DJ Less with a bottle of bubbly for best DJ set he has heard in a long while… DJ Less was speechless upon acceptance as the only words he uttered in appreciation was “aweh”

After Less, Harvey Dent took to the decks with more house and electro house, before a music performance by Dirty Funk featuring Sekoati Tsubane (Kabelo from 7de laan) – who also happens to be the events manager for Amadoda and more familiarly known as “SK”

As the sun set and the night crawlers came out to play so too does Mic Turner #turnup the crowd with his electro house and EDM which got loads of footwork happening, only to hand over the reigns to Randy Daniels… My first time being in the presence and hearing this DJ perform and it was evident to see why so many were excited for his set amongst others…

Midway through, I had to leave, however definitely would be in attendance of many more chapters hopefully as this kinda of uniqueness and diversity can only showcase loads more undiscovered and unrecognized talents that have load to offer Cape Town.

Special thanks to Marco Mills for the invite, next chapter (Soul Flava) will return to Amadodas 09 Aug 2015, so be sure to like the Diaries of the Beat Facebook page for further updates and check out photos on the NicciNotes social media platform!

Until next time..

Nicci 😉



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