#NicciNotes Launch Party

The day had finally arrived in which to celebrate! Celebrate graduating! Celebrate the new website! Celebrate progress…

DJ CollageI was lucky enough to have some of my favorite DJs agree to do a set at the launch party as well as for all the support and assistance of each and every single person who I came into contact with. Y’all honestly do not know how blessed each one of you made me feel and how appreciative I am. Even with all the support, still I had nerves, still I was uber stressed, after all, what if people don’t like me? Or I am more anonymous than the socialite my circle of friends made me believe I am, LOL

The evening got to a great start, with Alistair playing a deep soulful house, which was cause for me to forget that I hurt my hand whilst opening the doors and that I had not organized any of the door admin. ((Thank you to everyone for their patience whilst I had to run around and sort out change)).

I could go into detail with each DJ set as to how impressed I was, so I will just mention the highlights… Due to technical failure, we were unable to display the website, so Clint had agreed to announce that each one check out the website, plus we wanted #NicciNotes to trend – aii – Grimehouse and Renno decide to make Clint sound like a chipmunk each time he tried to speak #fail #lol

Clint set up the lights in such a way that I had a small piece of my very own #Pit at the launch, how appropriate after all since The Pit was the last event I covered. To see Jaryd and Keaton in the DJ box together, made my heart smile – my thursday and friday #imix addiction, but to capture a pretty pic was just not going to happen, LOL.

Thereafter I had planned that Jaryd and Kurt do a back to back session; followed by a battle between Clint and Kurt – but these guys like to show off it seems and they decide to get into a 3 way back to back / battle session! The most fun ever!

To all who were present and to all who contributed in making the NicciNotes Launch a success, I’m probably saying this for the 20th time, however THANK YOU! I was surprised by a few people and I almost got emotional, however with all the smiles, there was no time for emotions to go on display.

I learnt a lot on this venture and I’m pretty sure there is much more to learn, however we can only go forward from here. I can not wait to party with all of you at any and all events going forward…


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