Into The Pit with Noisecontroller

Although I have been to every Pit event since last year, this night was a night of a whole lot of firsts for me… My first hardstyle event, my first meeting with an international DJ, my first legally acquired backstage pass, the first time I take pictures with my big camera – to say I was excited is an understatement.

IMG_0189First on the agenda was a QnA / Meet & Greet session with Noisecontrollers at Cape Audio College, some of you may recall the short interview I did with him in a previous blog post and the comment I made within the article how he “may just be a man after my heart”. When he appeared from the back room into the conference room, I think I was just bewildered by his height alone (What chick doesn’t have a liking towards a tall man?)… It was funny to see Grimehouse (Keaton) seated next to Noisecontroller (Bas) with that look of complete awe on his face, I just had to pose the “are you still fan-girling” question to Keaton, to which he responded with an almost giggle like tone “yes” LOL

There were many guys there that were huge and long-time fans of Bas that had loads of intricate questions – one in particular had a whole book of questions prepared; I felt had I asked Bas about his personal life that it would’ve seemed a bit creepy as opposed to the homey vibe I wanted to set, but I managed one clever question… It was all very informative, yet chilled and I got to taste a new Monster flavour (another first)

IMG_0295Then it was off to The Side Show (host of The Pit) – okay, maybe not straight after, but I’m not going to exactly blog about how I showered and got dressed and stuffs, LOL – I was so amped and excited, that I didn’t even look at the people I passed as I walked to the door, and once again the bouncer asks my ID, I like Side Show’s security detail, so flattering… We missed Matthew Lavox’s set, blame it on being “coloured” LOL, and decided to remain close to the main stage.

I was highly impressed by Marco Massive once again, I don’t know what it is about this dude, all I can say is he is amazing and done a very good job at getting the crowd alive 🙂 During this time though Keaton was handed the “T-shirt gun” and fired it accidentally, I think he blew his own mind with the explosive noise that thing made.

IMG_0278Before I knew where the time had went, it was time for Grimehouse to mask up J and it was just so awesome of him to open his set with his very own track – Wasting Time ft. Scottie Moore. As always (or it could just be favouritism) grimehouse performed a set worth bringing out your insides. From over excitedness to capture awesome photos, I was guided to a passage way backstage. Whilst rushing, as to not miss a moment, I failed to see a step and flew face first forward, yet my stubborn self refuses to break any property so early in the night (let alone my face) so I saved myself and my cup of Monster landed somewhere – Kudos to anyone who saw that and forgot 😉 I became extra cautious for the rest of the evening…

There are only so many ways I can complement Grimehouse on his set and he always, let me state that again, ALWAYS delivers, add to that a mesmeric lighting display with some fire (actual fire) and people are guaranteed an awesome performance and an exhilarating time on the dance floor.

IMG_0337When the time came for Noisecontrollers to take control, it was like the whole dance floor lost their cool. Guys screaming like girls, one guy banging continuously on the stage (wonder how hurt his hands was the next day), ladies let loose! I was so concerned for the one dude who climbed on stage, security had to push him off and I couldn’t see if he was okay, but I’m sure he was because I saw him floating in the crowd later the evening – ROCKSTAR experience, LOL.

I asked a few of my friends for their thoughts on Noisecontroller’s set and they could all only provide one-worded answers, all in agreement that it was unbelievable the best night ever and highly doubtful that any other event could outdo what they experienced with this Pit event. Keaton has on multiple occasions stated on social media platforms that “it was a dream come true” and although I never dreamt it, I can concur with everyone else that it was the most fun ever – who knew I would enjoy (and handle) hardstyle 🙂

It’s going to be a tough one to top, however The Pit events just seem to get better each and every time; so I have no doubt that the next Pit will blow my brain cells apart!

(For more pictures of the night, check out my facebook page and LMC photography)


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