My apparently small stature and physique might not look it to some, however I love food, and I will over-indulge until the cows I don’t have come home, LOL, as of late have had the pleasure of having two new food experiences – Taste of Cape Town and Bacon on Bree…

Taste Of Cape Town 2015

I arrived hungry, my friend arrived thirsty, LOL thus we headed to the wines section to get some sweet rosé for her and non-alcoholic Bulvari lemon flavoured beer for me. Walking around was like heaven for my nose, the different food smells was so inviting, so we started doing what we came to do: EAT!

We started off trying the gnocchi from Hemelhuijs – as there were many posts on social media stating this is the dish to try – I now understand why the hemel in hemelhuijs, LOL. Then I went on hunt for meat and my nose took me to the Cosecha restaurant. I received a generous portion of lamb; at one point I actually thought they may have given me all the meat in the pot. The dish was a bit of a stinger on the tongue, but oh-so-good!

Deconstructed Peppermint CrispDanielle was in the mood for dessert and was hoping for good peppermint tart. We found deconstructed peppermint crisp at Camissa, to say “just one bit and all resistance crumbles” was a major understatement, she enjoyed it so much, it’s like she went into a world of her own with each bite and the word of the night was “OH MY GAAHD!” Before she knew it, her plate was empty and she realised she had not taken a #foodie, LOL

Another friend, Nadine, then met up with us and we headed to Argies. Nadine tried these little dessert things, we didn’t get the name or a pic as Nadine chowed them down, LOL – for the record though, they were good.

IMG_0038_20150412134723755[1]We were late for the Barcadi Cocktail class and the Robertson’s Burger Class was fully booked, so we ended up at Sevruga – and we had every dish on the menu, Spinach Donuts, Deboned Beef Ribs and Peanut crusted Calamari. Our taste buds got treated and I broke a tooth, LOL

Our last stop of the evening was Las Paletas to try their confectionary dessert. We tried two flavours – mixed berry and brownie cheesecake – between the two; I would have to say the fruity flavour wins! I cannot wait for the next taste event!

Bacon On Bree:

Early Saturday morning (yes morning, like during the day time) my friends and I went for brunch (so adult like). When we arrived, there was a queue out the door almost and to pass time, we browsed through the menu.

Once we got to the counter, I was dared to order, so I politely asked, “May I Yank the Rooster of Harvey Spector?” the lady who took our order was so flabbergasted that we all started giggling and then she tries to confirm the order saying, “it’s the Harvey Spector and?” so I answer “I would like to Yank his Rooster” – we are sometimes too mischievous for our own good, but we at least some fun…

SAM_0874_20150511203120721[1]Because the place was so packed we made the art room our seating place and used the couch as our table. We appreciated the home like feeling of the place and the simplicity of it all. Once our food arrived, I was a bit taken aback by my order (the Yank) as it was a bit too sweet for me; however Aimy shared her Rooster with me (naughty giggles) which was super yummy! Definitely a place I would revisit for brunch because breakfast time is way too early to get me out of bed.

Upcoming Food event I am excited for: The Good Food & Wine Show, more the good food than wine, so until then “Au revoir”


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