Best Club DJ SA Tour – BeeJays Sports Bar, Caledon

I had the luxury of driving my friend’s car to Caledon, but not a luxury to get lost hey, LOL. Only upon arriving at the place, did he discover that his GPS was 33 months outdated (but argues with me with every turn I make)

I am always impressed with night clubs that are very open planned, makes one feel less claustrophobic, plus the very huge speakers in front of the elevated DJ box that doubled up as a stage was very attractive (came in very handy when having to take pics)

Resident DJs warmed up the wheels of steel before Kurt Busch stepped up to open up the night. Since Kurt was well known to the crowd and had been a frequent visitor, he could easily relate to the people and get their bodies on the dance floor. I must say that there were some creative dance moves going down on the one floor, one guy simulating moves from a dragon ball z fight scene, which was interesting, weird and impressive all at the same time.

Clint Supreme followed Kurt, starting off his set with some RNB, then hip-hop and then club “treffers”. I’m talking about Sybil and them people from that era, remixed with modern beats and people were “jolling” their clothes and shoes off (I should know because I almost tripped over a few garments of clothing whilst taking pics)

Next on decks, Clint Supreme introduced the very single DJ Epic (the ladies seem to like this pretty elf). The female presence always seems to multiply when Epic is on decks and during his set I think a speaker caught alight because all I smelt was wires, but there was no stoppage – The Show Must Go On and it did…

Once again a first occurred, a 3 way back to back set between Kurt, Supreme and Epic – which got me dancing on the speakers for a short while before I realised people were watching and I went to hide, LOL. A lot of people came to the DJ box to compliment the guys on an awesome set and entertaining evening, proving that they sure are the BEST CLUB DJs. During their 3 way battle Kurt told Supreme to announce over the mic, “Shake It Loose” to which the crowd responded “Jou Ma Se Juice (similar sounding word that starts with a P)” in unison mahn, LOL – we were all shocked and laughed hysterically.

BEST CLUB DJ continued their tour to Oudtshoorn, to which I unfortunately could not attend and will be making a return appearance at Club Rush in George, by popular demand!


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