Does time really heal?

When a loved one passes or you go through a heart wrenching break up, it is common to use or hear the words “in time, things will get better” or a rendition thereof, however does time really heal?

Today would have been the birthday of my late aunt, who passed away 10 years ago, and I read through posts of my family in remembrance of her and posted a few myself on social media platforms, before shedding tears myself. I have this distinct memory of her and its weird how it is the only memory I have of her.

maxresdefaultUp until today I am not one to really be around family, visit rarely, but will attend milestones always! So I think it would come across weird to my aunt’s children (my cousins) when I really get torn up about her. Even I think I’m a tad bit dramatic to want to shed tears, but I do… and I think it’s because of that one memory I have of her, that is the cause of my tears, as whilst reminiscing, I am pretty sure I can actually hear her laugh (even typing this and addressing that fact turns on the waterworks, LOL)

We all move on, we have no choice but to, however has time helped us deal with our loss?

We have all gotten to that point in our lives where we come to the realization that we need to treasure every day as we never know when it may be the last, especially when death becomes more prevalent than birth, so I shall spare everybody the lecture – what I will state though is, have fun, smile and love unconditionally…


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