If ever I had to document an adventure, it would be the drive to George! Stating that we near survived a “Wrong Turn” movie kind of adventure would be an understatement. On a lighter note, we got amazing pictures, LOL

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe venue (as far as I could see through the mist) is situated on the main road and the parking lot was bustling already. It really is nice, then again it could be my appreciation for open spaces with the elevated bars and seating areas around the dance floor, I liked it all.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNV Funk got the night going, however due to technical difficulties could not set up his drums and chose to play his set without, until halfway through when technicalities just all came together. The moment he started on his drums, is the moment I saw a whole lot of heads turn. It was like the moment the drums came alive, so too did the dance floor, and before we knew it NV’s set was over 😦

SAM_0790Clint Supreme then stepped up and as much as I try to stay away from everything, I always find myself dancing alongside Clint. To top it all, Clint and I both have an admiration for DJ Arch Jr (2 year old DJ) and there is the trademark move of the young DJ that I think Clint just made his own, and it fits in with his set. Clint set a vibe, an entertaining vibe, if you were not dancing or laughing while dancing, then I don’t know what party you were at, LOL

SAM_0787The moment Epic came on decks, female presence on the dance floor multiplied by three, LOL and he opens up with a mash up of two of my current favourites – Clean Bandit’s Real Love and Ten Walls’ Walking with Elephants – there is a reason he is called “EPIC”. At one point Epic was playing EDM and a guy walks up to the booth stating he should “pick up the beat” – we all looked at him like what does he want rave? Then they taught me the DJ jukebox trick, LOL – let’s just say that I will never trust any DJ that answers my question with a nod, smile and yes, LOL.

SAM_0819For some reason the fun ended sooner than any of us expected and everybody was still having loads of fun, so the guys decided to treat the crowd. First Epic and NV had a back to back session; and there was this lady, who kept asking if NV was going to bring the drums out again, then Clint joined and they did a 3 way set fully packed with awesomeness!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTo make the night (or by this time, morning) even more entertaining, we mischievously decided to have a twerk contest. I got 3 random girls to get onto the platform just in front of the DJ booth and shake their tail feathers – some girls had difficulty, which was cause for more laughter and fun – and then part of the DJ booth broke (LOSL). We wrapped up and went on our merry way – The End, LOL

Club Rush was definitely a fun night. I think the guys were entertaining because the crowd appreciation was unreal and best of all is that we get to return without the hazardous detour road trip, LOL


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