Our route to Robertson was interesting as it was the first time I drove myself through the tunnel, I am never behind the wheel when we drive through the tunnel, however as I exited the tunnel, I could not wait to hand over to another. (Sighs of relief)

There was slight confusion as we drove up to Cosy Cove and we could not identify the entrance, however one of the Cosy Cove staff approached our vehicle and guided us accordingly. Walked into Cosy Cove and it seemed as if all eyes were directed at us (why did I choose to wear my tutu?), then again the #BCDJ crew are different to the every night norms, LOL

20150328_012923DJ Pro warmed up decks and NV got straight into setting up his drums, doing a bit of a sound check behind DJ Pro seemed to have caught him off guard as he stopped mid-sentence to glance over at NV. Once NV got into his set, everyone came forward to witness his performance. I could not get any proper pictures from outside the booth as I not only had to deal with a packed dance floor, but a crowd around the booth, blocking my view, capturing their own photos/videos.

Clint Supreme chose to follow and got the crowd jazzing with some R&B (I really have to learn, it looks like so much fun and I know I say that in a lot of write ups, don’t judge) transitioning over to some hip hop and started showing off some of his scratching skills and the dance floor came alive! Then Clint says, “I’m gatvol of this R&B” (shoo!) and flips it over to house starting off with one of my favorites – J’Adore #Four7. Clint has so much fun behind decks, it’s infectious and everyone is dancing (even me, slightly).

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWith the crowd already so hyped up, I thought it would be difficult for Epic to take over the reins, but once he got his intro out, the dance floor seemed to get a bit raucous. I retreated to a corner as some people’s dance moves had the potential to hurt, LOL.

Cosy Cove outdone themselves and too much fun was had that night, so much so that after we left and stopped at the garage to grab some morning munchies, a few of the patrons approached us and complimented the guys on a good night!!


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