Recently I noticed quite a buzz around this new band of guys called Chasing Time on social media platforms and was quite curious as to see who these guys are and exactly what they do… I thus arranged to meet up with them and got to learn about these talented souls…

RFB_IMG_1427171586461oughly 6 months ago during an acoustic session between Clint Brink and Vaughn Caesar (the two vocals of the band), whilst doing their thing on one of their tracks they felt it was missing a bit of a beat. Coincidently, Vaughn’s cousin, David Parker, had recently returned from China and added some drum beats to the vocals. With David came the recommendation of Renstan White, who adds soulful sounds from his bass guitar. It took a bit of convincing to get him out of bed; however his interest peeked upon hearing that Clint was part of the band. (At the time, Clint had recently released a single of his own that was getting radio play) FB_IMG_1427315436223The foursome (no shenanigans intended) got straight to rehearsing as they got their first gig the very next day at the Something Good Sunday (SGS) event at the River Club.

After rehearsals, Clint then got to thinking, since they were always chasing a note or something, he conjured the band name: Chasing Time. Clint presented this to the band and at first it took a bit of explaining to do, but once he explained the multitude of things it could mean to the band that is when they grasped and accepted the concept. It was at the SGS event that they met up with Nathanael Barthus (the pianist) who was part of another band at the time. Renstan and Clint were impressed with his talent on the keyboard and once they approached him, without uttering a word, Nathanael accepted to be part of the band; and none of them have looked back since… The complete band had two events thereafter and the brotherhood ignited on their road trip to Saldanha. Within the few months the guys have found it easy to simply get along and “gel”. A few minor missed notes or chords on stage, but nothing that cannot be overlooked and taken as a lesson on where to improve as they are still developing.

Their aim is to recreate studio versions of the songs (mostly current play listed songs of the radio) they cover as it relates to the crowd more, however still adding a uniqueness to it and not restricting themselves, as they do cover some classics as well. FB_IMG_1427171133188Their road to growth all stems from putting in a simple request to play during the interval for the Sunday resident band at Pizza Shack, proving you never know who may be in the crowd as from filling up the interval for another band, Chasing Time has been booked for all of the PNP Cansa Walks and also got granted the opportunity to perform at the Community Chest carnival recently. FB_IMG_1427344490453[1]Performing at the Community Chest carnival was an overwhelming experience for the band as the crowd cheered, demanding more of Chasing Time, however due to another booking they unfortunately could not oblige (there sure will be many more carnivals), however the experience was described as being on “the best stage thus far” and “awesome”. From the carnival the band have been approached to possibly perform at the Twilight Run later in the year. In the meanwhile, they can be frequently seen performing on Tuesdays and some Sundays at the Pizza Shack, although not estranged to performing at Living Room, Casa Blanca, Jackson Hall or any other parts of Cape Town.. FB_IMG_1427315549353

After meeting with these multi-talented men, I understand now why there is such a buzz around the band, also understanding why so many females are attracted to these lads *LOL* Chasing Time may just be one of Cape Town’s success stories (at least that is my wish for them) and hopefully will go international soon; as they currently are working on their own single, to be released before they pursue gigs in China and/or Dubai.

Even more admirable is that they plan to give back to the community by starting life skills and music workshops at different schools to deter youngsters from falling prey to a dangerous life on the streets; hopefully with the generous help of sponsors. *hint*hint* To get to know more of the band (whilst their website is still a working progress) you may follow their Facebook page for all future events and bookings… (Maybe get Chasing Time to perform Maroon 5 – Sugar at your wedding)


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