After shortly recovering from Mamre, we were back on the road… My first time driving along the scenic route (it was so beautiful) but 30 minutes from Hawston and the “are we there yet” bug kicked in…

SAM_0568[1]As soon as we entered Club Octopus, I got a sense of familiarity, could be the pool tables and the “Stones” feel to it, but then there was another door way we walked through which led to a massive dance floor, surrounded by fencing and through the fencing around the DJ box, the biggest speakers ever! (could be a slight over-exaggeration, but they were LOUD) Resident DJ Shmiley was on the decks warming up the decks and speakers, as the crowd was yet to arrive (or we were just early, LOL)

SAM_0578[1]I guess word must have spread quick that the Best Club DJs were in town because the place was quite filled by the time NV stepped up to perform. He struggled quite a bit during his set as the floor of the DJ box moved as he moved, making it difficult to drum, however that was soon resolved and he got the night to a start of note…

Next up was Epic, I laughed each time they said his name over the mic as they introduced him as “DJ Epic SA” whole time, his whole DJ name, LOL – the crowd seemed to come alive for Epic as he spinned some of the popular club tracks with a new beat or played the vocals of a club classic over the beat of a modern track, creative and seemed to want to set a high standard for Kurt Busch, who took over… but Epic under-estimates the talents and capabilities of Kurt who brought along two flash drives and (if I heard correctly) 600 CDs…

SAM_0624[1]I thought Epic had the crowd jamming, Kurt must have brought the whole club to the dance floor with his set. Saw some entertaining dance battles happening on the floor and a lot of people dancing with no shoes on (you know its serious entertainment going down when the shoes are removed, LOL). Very impressed as usual with Kurt’s talent and amazing skill to get any crowd going 🙂 From all the fun, I forgot I only had minimal sleep in preparation for Hawston, LOL

…and then for the first time ever Epic and Kurt goes back to back – the most entertainment of the night without a shadow of doubt! I was too impressed with Epic playing Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud in the club man and the crowd received it well #toocool

I look forward to the rest of the tour and so too should the rest of SA, especially with all the new stunts these guys pull at different venues… BCDJ SA Tour about to get Cose in the Cove of Robertson, are your bodies ready?


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