Having missed out on the first event and having the opportunity to join on the second, I found super exciting, especially since I know how entertaining these guys can be…

Our drive to Mamre was relatively short, even though we almost ended up in Darling thanks to losing battery power on the GPS and nobody’s cell network strong enough to get signal on the road, LOL – the guys teased me because I asked for directions in English – what a way to stick out like a sore thumb (or lost thumb in our case, LOL)

SAM_0492[1]We got there first though and I was driving mostly within the speed limit despite Clint Supreme’s countless over exaggerations of my driving capability. Once there, we found a pool table to keep us entertained until the guys were set to go on decks. Epic played the longest game ever I think, which I think was mostly due to concentrating a bit too hard through the wrong eye, LOL!

The atmosphere was welcoming in my opinion, despite almost being accompanied by a random dude trying to sneak in as my partner (no buddy, I fly solo). The set-up is comfortable as well with comfortable seating areas alongside the walls of the place.

SAM_0520-0[1]NV Funk chose to step up first and initially did not want to set up his drums, but as he got into his set, he brought them bad boys outta the bag (literally) and a few guys almost lost their minds in amazement commenting how NV “does not only think outside the box, he tears the box apart and throws it out the window” LOL!

Clint Supreme then took over from NV with his RNB and HipHop; and had everyone dancing especially this one guy whom I presume was trying to crunk (I’m not sure) but it looked like he was channelling his inner Chris Brown or Michael Jackson (hehee!) The moves that guy pulled had both myself and Willy in awe, LOL!

SAM_0534-0[1]Epic the hyped up and too excited to take over from Clint decided to mess in Clint’s set, but Clint gracefully and so awesomely threw a few scratch moves whilst bringing in the next song that all Epic could do was step back and let the Supreme-cy reign on decks J much to the crowds pleasure.

Even though Willy was to follow Clint, Epic very excitedly took over the decks. As Epic ot started the crowds screamed out “EPIC!” to which he just got more and more into his set. The crowd not accustomed to Epic’s technical skills at one point screamed “dit hak, dit hak” (It’s stuck, It’s stuck) only for Epic to bring in the next song skilfully and have everyone scream like mad!

SAM_0554[1]Eventually Willy was given the chance to entertain the crowd and did he put up a performance, I can’t recall anyone seated or it could have just been my tunnel vision. As soon as Willy got the crowd going, Clint came to battle Willy, but then so too did Epic, who took Clint off and then NV took Epic off and then Clint took NV off and the Epic took Clint off again, it was so funny to see how these guys came together to put up a performance and at the same time keep the crowd entertained whilst trying to out play one another.

I don’t think those decks and speakers have ever been worked as hard as those guys worked the sound system at hand of Club One Way. I admire these guys more and more for their camaraderie and DJ brotherhood (if I was observant enough and not being too optimistic)

Hawston is the next stop and I hope the whales don’t beach themselves for a closer look at the BEST CLUB DJ’s of 2014!


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