Words to your younger self…

two-words-350x350_cI’m sure we have seen this quote floating around our social media platforms; I know I have, but I would just scroll by thinking it to be another one of those aimless posts…

Then recently it popped up again, but with a different caption that caught my attention “What a challenging question! What would you say” and I stubbornly enjoy challenges, so I scroll through the comments and start to grow an interest for this quote, as some made me burst out laughing…

How did this post come about? Where did it all start?

Well, super weirdly enough a lady by the name of Nicole Harrison uploaded this post on her Facebook page “SocialNicole” (not a word of a lie, go look for yourself) The answers that came through motivated her to promote the post countless times as it sparked a community (essentially the whole of Facebook almost) to partake in conversation where one could share laughs and at the same time inspire one another with two words… how ingenious and amazing?

Then I got to thinking what two words would I tell my younger self? “Take risks” “Stop Overthinking” – My friends will know how relevant this is to me and how I manage myself and life, LOL. I actually can compile a long list of two words that I could tell my younger self, but I may just end up writing a novel, so let me rather stop myself before I go overboard…

And now your turn… you may comment below or drop a one liner on my Facebook page: NicciNotes or twitter: @niccinotes … What would you tell your younger self in only two words?


One thought on “Words to your younger self…

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  1. I would tell my younger self to avoid the naysayers. They can get you off track quick, fast and in a hurry.

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