..first venue to get things started was CLUB 925 in Worcester and although there isn’t much fancy décor as seen in the cape town clubs, the crowd sure does make the place…


The guys may have gotten there a lot sooner, however Tony got a bit too comfortable driving in luxury, alas the guys (Willy, Clint Supreme, NV Funk and Epic) took the time to plan how they would entertain the crowd as they were excited for the first official event. I know we were all excited and the build up to the event was amazing based on the response from the Worcester peeps getting involved and changing their pro pics on Facebook to the event poster (we see you)…

The warm welcome felt by the DJs from outside in the parking lot already was awesome; Clint stating it resembled a scene out of the movie “Fast and the Furious” and it really got them amped to treat the crowd…

1902982_848302581880416_6908420102792151334_nNV Funk was first on decks (and drums) and the crowd seemed to lose their senses, dancing along to every beat and NV sure got the crowd warmed up for the champ himself – DJ Willy. Willy and Clint Supreme decided to go back to back with some “hip hop flava” before Epic joined them on decks and presented a 3-way head to head mix combining the unique talents they all possess which the Worcester people just adored! (what a hype?!)

The crowd reaction and respect shown is highly appreciated – Thank you Worcester! Club 925 – y’all are amazing and super fun!

Check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=849551868422154

CPT Best Club DJs take on Mamre Club One Way and aim to take the crowd in every direction, LOL…

Be a part of the experience, you won’t regret it…


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