Flipping through channels a week or so ago, I came across the news report of a twitter war between Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian, and being a fan of Khloe, I jump onto all the social media platforms to see what is going on…


Apparently this all started with comments Amber Rose made during a radio interview. Amber commented how she may not respect the Kardashians, she also does not hate them (contradictory much?) and that she (Amber) was disgusted that Tyga(25) had left his beautiful wife and children for “baby” Kylie Jenner(17) who “needs to go to bed at 7 and relax”

To which Khloe jumped to her younger sister’s defence on twitter and Amber Rose didn’t exactly take kindly to Khloe’s tweets…


There was more back and forth tweeting, of which Amber Rose had the upper hand at thrashing insults (what else would you expect from someone as uncultured as her) to which Khloe took the high road and Amber still continued… even going as far as taking it to Instagram with a few low blows…Some tweets were deleted by the time I went to screenshot, however I was highly appalled at Amber Rose’s tweet towards Khloe about (Khloe) being jealous as Amber has a child and Khloe is unable to conceive (uncalled for)

Tyga has publicly stated that Amber’s statements are unfounded as he and Kylie are not dating, which makes me wonder is Amber Rose just pushing to get her name out there? Was this all some cheap resort of a publicity stunt?

Kanye made a statement during his radio interview after the fact, but nobody really cares for his comments, but stated Tyga would be “smart” to date Kylie Jenner…

What are your thoughts? Or has this flown over your head like many other celeb stories?


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