Clubbing vs. Camping … Why choose?

Many may deliberate over which is better and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Clubbing – good time spent with friends, dancing along to the beats of your favourite DJ and “turning up”
  • Camping – surrounded by nature’s beauty, campfire stories with friends, etc. etc.

Now what about combining the two? Experiencing the best of both worlds at the same time? Introducing Clubbers Campout 🙂 FB_IMG_1424169143061

Since the inception of this outdoor festival in March 2013, Clubbers Campout has grown from strength to strength, and just keeps getting bigger and better. The last event being Clubbers Campout New Year’s Edition (#CCNYE), which took place over a 5-day period. Still wondering what I am ranting about? Well…

Clubbers Campout as best as I can describe is where there is no deliberating on where to go in order to see your favourite DJ or having to visit multiple clubs to get the best all round experience of the night. It’s an awe-inspiring gathering of club DJs, guest headliners, live acts and stand-up comedians on one stage – a camping experience of a different and unique note…

FB_IMG_1424169368782Clubbers Campout is a camping experience whereby you and your friends get to turn up all night long and graciously stroll (or crawl) to your tent and then wake up to the sounds of nature before getting ready for the activities organisers host whilst the DJs get their rest on (or prepare their amazing sets for the night).

The date for the next event has been set for 27, 28 and 29 March and will be held at Paradise Park, Hermanus. Early Bird tickets are on sale via at a cost of R250. Let me not come across all cliché and state “this is not an event to be missed” but seriously why would you want to miss out?

FB_IMG_1424169149428DJ announcements and more will be announced via social media platforms so go ahead and like Clubbers Campout Facebook page, @clubberscampout on twitter and Clubbers Campout on Instagram.

What are you waiting for?!



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