My first day of school experience…

015Today my daughter started school, her first day in Grade R… and I hear you all asking “Why so late?” Well, like many parents (or it could just be me) I was in denial that my baby was growing up and when it came time to register for school, there was already a waiting list at the two schools I preferred to place her at, alas I handed in her papers in the hope that she will be accepted… she wasn’t…

So the run around since the schools opened started and every school in and around my work area was packed to capacity or wasn’t English medium… Until yesterday when I called the department of education and was referred to an independent school… I called the school and went around to fetch the enrolment forms and also view the place…

After long talks with the teacher and principal, I had my mind set that my daughter will start school as soon as possible. Quick run around to sort out admin and then I’m not sure if the nerves or excitement kicked in… I asked Q (my daughter) if she was ready to go to school and then informed her that tomorrow (today) she would be going to “big school” which she seemed too excited for, all because “you leave me with the babies and I’m not a baby”

myfam1 (3)This morning we awoke too early for both our likings, did the normal prune routine and I started preparing both our bags. Packed lunch for both of us – something I never do for myself and packed the car. Took two photos of her in front of the car, but she gave the fakest smile ever, showing no enthusiasm for the new adventures the day had in store… As I drove she noticed that I was not driving in the direction of the crèche and I had to then start the talks of excitement for the trip to “big school” – once again she smiled and laughed and giggled…

Got to the school and her facial expression changed to “shit I’m really going to school” and there the arm wraps my leg as we walk into the school, then I was told to pick her up in a baby accent which I obliged because at this point I did not want to leave her behind and I realised “shit my baby is really going to school”

Again, I was given a talk by the principal who tried to wean Q away from me – didn’t work because she was not letting go (nor I) then the children started entering the class and I was greeted by Noah and Nina, whom in turn I introduced to Q and I guess Nina’s smile was welcoming enough because then Q smiled and went to sit next to the two – just like that I was left… LOL! I then told Q that I needed to go to work and that she needed to kiss me to which I just got a back handed “ya okay bye momi

… Counting down the hours at work until I go fetch her seemed to fly by (to my relief) and when time came, I was so excited I almost walked into a car before leaving the parking area, LOL.

20150204_124800[1]I got to the school and found Q putting a puzzle together with another class mate – she made a friend already (proud moment) – then she saw me and started crying as she didn’t want to leave school. I’m sure there is a fuze wired backwards with this little girl of mine, who cries leaving the school on their first day?

Well, that was my first day of school experience, quite positive and not as bad as I thought it would be, I did not cry as I thought I would, but then again those tears are probably on reserve for graduation – Lord help me that day, I may just make a spectacle of my child, LOL…


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