Just a Little Love…

February, imposed on many as “The Month Of Love”, has dawned upon us… A blessed few of us will indulge into the overpriced chocolates and flowers and gift them to our loved ones, whereas others may put in that extra effort in pursuit of love…Children love

…But what is LOVE? I cannot find a single definitive answer for what love is as everybody (from the high priests to the scientists) have their own unique definition, so then you may ask yourself does love even exist? Of course LOVE exists! I may not be the best practicing Christian, but one thing is for sure and that is that LOVE exists and I am dearly loved by GOD, that is my faith… I also believe that LOVE may not have definition, but LOVE sure is a feeling, LOVE is to be experienced and we earthly human beings are all capable of giving and receiving LOVE simultaneously…


If what I believe to be true, then surely we are all filled with LOVE by default and have experienced LOVE in some shape, size or form… LOVE does not and should not always equate to romantic LOVE, LOVE can be simplistic and come in the form of many gestures, gestures we are all capable of exuding and accepting if we just open up our hearts (and eyes)… LOVE does not have to be confined to the realms of our intimate partners or close family/friends, believe it or not, we can LOVE our colleagues and even strangers (unwillingly), however in order to give we need to receive right? Because how do we give what we don’t have? Have any of you thought though about loving yourselves first?

love3Now I’m not saying let’s get all big-headed and cocky (excuse the gutter thoughts associated with those words) I’m leaning towards “Self-Love”. Loving one’s self may just be what the world needs and may just open up everybody to receive more love from your partner, family and/or friends… Self-Love may just be what you need in order to identify that one romantic LOVE you may have just been overlooking… We may not live in an ideal world, but how about we try and make it ideal for ourselves… Imagine waking up and looking into the bathroom mirror, instead of your reflection a small cute little note (or lots of notes) about how beautiful you are… Imagine smiling, just smiling… It’s all weird I know (I am a bit of a weirdo) but isn’t looking into how to LOVE yourself worth a try?


Then onto my next point – Doing little acts of LOVE for others… not wanting anything in return, just being kindhearted and fuzzy… whether you’re doing these acts of LOVE for your partner, your family, your friends or even your pets – for this month (if not longer) try and do as many little acts as you can and want to… Present someone with their favorite snack for lunch, hug a friend (because strangers may just be awkward, but if you’re brave enough, go ahead), send an inspirational email to your colleagues or have your pet share your bed (if it’s safe enough and not a goldfish LOL)…

If February be the month of LOVE, let it be the month we experience the most LOVE in little ways more frequently, let it be the month we LOVE the most important individual – YOU 🙂



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