Back2School with Clubbers That Care…

974880_10201290892733898_850373353_nClubbers that Care was born from a conversation between friends Ricardo Taylor and Theo Gummi Bosch. They put their ideas of doing good for the community into action whilst combining their love for entertainment and knew the potential support the club scene could raise…

Many may frown on the idea of going to a club in aid of charity, but the countless people that have been aided in times of need will tell you a different story all together. Over the past 3 years, Clubbers That Care was able to gather warm clothing and food for those during the cold winter months, Christmas presents for those who may not be as privileged and baby essentials to babies left on the wayside and cared for by foster organisations.


This time around knowing how prohibitively expensive school stationary has become, Clubbers That Care is collecting school stationary and giving them to underprivileged schools in the community. I’m sure we all have kind hearts and would love to be charitable, but find it difficult. With Clubbers That Care events, I can assure you every little bit counts and in return you get served with the best entertainment from a talented group of DJs voluntarily (awesome indeed!!)

So in order to equip our future generation, do yourself a favor and find your way to Battswood Hall, Chucker Road, Wetton. Bring along stationary as your entry fee (not even hundreds of rand’s worth) and party along with DJs Clint The Legend, Clint Supreme, Wayde, Renno, Travis, AK and Gummi.


Furthermore follow the Clubbers That Care facebook page and Nicci Notes facebook page for further details and future events. Your support is appreciated and as the motto of Clubbers That Care goes “No one has ever been poor by giving – Anne Frank”

See you all there 🙂



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