That New Year, New Me business… (yawn)

So we embark on a new year… the year of 2015… people make new year’s resolutions they may not exactly adhere to, but try anyway… and reflect on the year (or years) past…

new year goals

My reflection on the year(s) past is only of appreciation… despite the multitude of disappointments, I still awake with a smile… Certain events may have hurt in the deepest way possible, but without them I wouldn’t be stronger, I wouldn’t do better and I wouldn’t be happier… Many may think of me as heartless, maybe a little ruthless and yes I admit I have learned to switch of all emotions (for all but one) however I still have my caring nature intact and continue to do good where possible…


So a sincere THANK YOU – to the friends who left my side, to the beautiful friendships gained, to the guy who made my heart glow (it was fun while it lasted), to the individuals who have betrayed my being, to the family who support and love me in bucket loads, to the trolls who continuously insult me (kiss my behind…) and to the people whom I do not know that care about me – once made known, you have no idea how much your kindness is valued 😉 The past years may not have made me a millionaire (LOTTO wishes unfulfilled) and filled with more pain than joy – the smiles however made up for all that hurt, all that angered and all that disappointed…


What 2015 has promised for me (and all of you) is not known, but what is life without a bit of suspense… a little surprise… and a lot of giggles 🙂

My wish for everybody is that the year(s) ahead will take you to new heights in life, love and career. My hope is for less animosity, less drama and a lot less tears… I am young and naive, but I would rather believe life is a journey of happiness undiscovered, than of gloom…


My first post of 2015 (excited squeals), hope you enjoy all that may come… (not meaning the dirty kind)



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