10636481_813104312066910_5588260855431248092_oFirstly, I would like to mention a special thanks and congratulations to Tony Blonde for organizing such an awesome competition. I made mention of it in the first write up and will re-iterate: It is refreshing to see how adaptable to last minute change you were and I admire how smoothly everything came together.

People need to understand that putting an event together requires a great deal of hard work and sacrifice; sometimes all does not pan out as expected but it is what you as an individual makes of an event that makes it worthwhile. If your aim was to go out and support your DJ then you would have already accomplished half of the fun there was to have had…


Judges for the finals based on the same criteria as in the initial rounds were: DJ MD (Matthew Dreyer), Madfingaz and Hayden Isaacs – how these guys managed is beyond me… The hilariously witty Carl Wastie as MC and comedic acts in-between sets made for a fun filled afternoon without a doubt…

DJ Cazz was first to kick off the finals, however had to start over due to technical faults which I felt was a bit unfair since he had more time, but also could have acted to his demise as it may have thrown him off his A-game. Nonetheless he played a smooth set.


DJ Epic was up next and with the promise of superb set mentioned at the bar (I overheard you mister) he sure stepped up. Not much different from how he played in the initial round but made more of an effort for charisma and got loads of crowd reaction. So much so that Epic caused a guy to lose his teeth #LOSL (those who know, will know)


Thereafter DJ Gio – I enjoyed bits of it, but the crowd wasn’t really feeding into it much causing a great deal of points lost I feel. DJ Coolio then confidently stepped up playing hip hop tracks famous during the 1990s maybe early 2000s yet keeping it relevant; I also admired his motivational intro “you guys are all winners”

My first favorite NV Funk steps on stage and instantly the crowd comes running forward to capture this amazing drummer DJ with his flavor for house. I think I saw a bit of technical difficulty experienced with his headset but even without them he played a superb set, even broke one of his drum sticks… can you even drum that hard with such entertaining enthusiasm? #impressedfordays


Andy Carr’s set was a bit of a disappointment since he is one of the veterans known to have the capability of being highly entertaining, loads of technical glitches or it just could have been NV’s set that dulled Andy’s shine…


Then the highly anticipated (another favorite) Kurt Busch stepped up to the decks starting it off with a club classic (can you be more original?) and had me looking for a jazz partner (not that I can jazz but what the hell, it got me in the mood) instead two men were jazzing it up in the middle of the crowd, LOL, definitely an entertaining set and once again called out DJ Willy to make a worthy attempt of defending his title…


Then the highly and always entertaining Clint Supreme was up – had the crowd cheering at a deafening volume. This man’s stage presence was off the chain!! In that moment should have been crowned champion (in my opinion). To end his set he calls out Kurt Busch, for real?! Two legendary DJ’s of note battling it out would have made for a highly entertaining afternoon and although Clint welcomed it, competition rules would not allow for it to happen #dammit

Then it was time for the reigning champ – DJ Willy – to defend his title. The crowd went raucous and I feel that was thanks to Clint’s set (let me be biased, its my blog). DJ Willy delivered an entertaining set of note and had a few contestants jaws dropping to the floor at the display of superb talent. The only thing that separated Willy’s set from Clint’s was that he (Willy) put up a more technical performance. I also think Willy should have maybe started off the afternoon to set a standard for DJ’s to reach as opposed to playing at the end when the crowd is prepped in all their glory by the other entrants… maybe an option for next year…


I firmly believe that the best of the best went up against each other yesterday and did their utmost to do their best, however only one could be named BEST CLUB DJ 2014 and that man is … once again… DJ WILLY!! Followed by Clint Supreme (2nd) NV Funk (3rd) and EPIC (4th) – Many may have been unhappy with the judges scoring or decisions, but as stated many a times – You are all winners! Those who feel negative about the event should opt to take lessons from it and let it motivate you to be better. You may not have the BEST CLUB DJ title, but you guys are good in your own right and I hope that your respective supporters will continue to expand and push your careers within the entertainment industry forward 😉



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