The two weeks leading up to this round could not have gone by quicker, after an enjoyable first round, the line-up of DJs looked to be a tight competition…

The change of venue was welcomed along with new sponsor Jaggermeister at the WP Shooting range. Judges for this round based on the same criteria as the first were: Doc Julez, Madfingaz and Hayden Isaacs – the difficult task they sure had that afternoon…


First on decks was DJ Coolio all the way from Paarl (if I heard correctly) and what a start hey? He had his own intro to Best Club DJ 2014, like how cool must you be to know you’re going to be first and have that as an intro? Then again he is DJ COOLio… Next up was DJ Epic – this dude, like for real  – made the veteran DJ entrants want to pack up and go home. He played harmoniously on all 4 decks (at one point I do think he however confused himself, but the way he recovered from that was … wait for it… EPIC) and without the use of earphones, no lies…


DJ Aidi P sure had a difficult task following up that act, but made a competitive attempt no doubt and he was only the third DJ to step up to the decks. Then one of my highly favored and favorite DJ Clint Supreme made his way to the stage and although he expressed how extraordinarily nervous he was, he delivered a thoroughly enjoyed performance. Dancing along to his own set with such vigor had his fiance (who is expecting by the way) almost pop, I was half on my last nerves for Maxine. To follow Supreme was my next favorite – Jaryd Busch.


Jaryd was nervous (who wouldn’t be?) and all for one tiny slip up between tracks, I loved his set and yes, that is me being biased (I am entitled to be, this is my blog, LOL). Only Jaryd could include a rendition of Jingle Bells in his set and have the crowd dancing along to it, like can you get any more festive than that?


Next up was DJ Juice along with his mom’s LPs (Uncle Hayden’s jokes, not mine) did some scratching here and there; but I wasn’t really following as the highly anticipated Kurt Busch was up next 🙂 I could not have been more impressed with track selection, execution and performance was like on an amazing level of awesomeness… and then Kurt calls out DJ Willy (the reigning champ) and challenges him, like what?! The crowd came alive with cheers!! The champ has been called out and the challenge for BEST CLUB DJ title is set!!


To end the competition surprise entry DJ LA set unfortunately had to be cut due technical failures (on his behalf) and then DJ Spoonz stepped up all the way from Worcester. I expected the usual afro-house which is somewhat of a popular genre on that side of the “sausage curtain” (only the old people would know what I’m referring to here because I once was told this by my granny) instead he played a worthy and competitive set to end a beautiful display of talented DJs in this round.

After much deliberation, whilst the crowd were entertained by comedians Gerald (I hope I got his name right) and Annie, the judges announced the top 4 finalists: DJ Epic, Kurt Busch, Clint Supreme and DJ Coolio – well done guys!


Final Round: All the finalists will compete against the reigning champ: DJ Willy at WP Shooting Range (Ottery) on Sunday 28/12. Ticket sales are open: R50 for general access and R100 VIP (Limited) – you do not want to miss this showdown!!

See you at the finals…



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