My Summer Experience…

I could not have been any happier Friday (19/12) when I was handed tickets to The Summer Experience 2014 – an event that promised to be one for the books and what better way to celebrate into my birthday…


We arrived at The River Club (Observatory) on Saturday afternoon and although it was slightly overcast, the weather was almost perfect. First one to step on stage was a 16 year old DJ by the name of DJ Wes and I was highly impressed with his talent and awesome track selection. For such a youngster to have that amount of talent at that age and I can only imagine what great things he will accomplish as he grows.


Craig De Sousa – the master of house – was such a welcome to the afternoon and delivered an epic set as per usual, how this man can be so talented is beyond me… I however had to run into the restaurant to catch snippets of the Aston Villa and Man United game until half time and then drawn back to the sounds of DJ Lyle – who managed to bomb the whole sound system with his amazing set that it took the technical team a solid 10 minutes (if not more) to get everything back online – WELL DONE LYLE!!


Thereafter one of my favorites, the self-acclaimed Prince of house: NV Funk stepped to the stage (first time at #SummerX2014, if I’m not mistaken) with his drums beside him. A young genuine talent from humble beginnings to such great talent thus far and only getting better. NV definitely had the crowd well entertained and some “jiving” against the stage barrier #LOL. I could not stop speaking about NV’s set, that it was so nicely reported to NV how big of a fan I am  (NV – I may be in love with your talent, but the comments you heard were over-exaggerated #ThanksDevonSaunders)


First singer on stage was the very proud of his newly acquired degree in social sciences – Jimmy Nevis! It will forever impress me how this man sounds exactly the same on his recordings as he does in his live performances and such a soulful set #swoonedfordays… From Elephant shoes to Miscato – I am too excited to hear more of this man since he will now be solely focused on his singing and may there be more frequent album releases going forward…

Then the ever entertaining MC of the event, Mr Carl Wastie called myself and fellow birthday girl Jessica to the stage so that the crowd could sing Happy Birthday – Thank you very much, 2nd year of Carl Wastie serenading me with a Happy Birthday, think it may just become a tradition 😉 Ryan Dent then took to the decks and entertained the crowd – it is easy to see why this man is so internationally acknowledged, his talent is out of this world!

The long awaited for Toya De Lazy performed all of her hit songs along with her band and two incredibly synchronised back up dancers – was a sight to see for sure, the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves – I however think Toya De Lazy is more of an acquired taste to be grown… DJ Milkshake had me on my feet with his set and started a battle of the b-boys in the crowd, enjoyed too much and the talent those young boys have should definitely get them far provided they get recognised… I felt like I was in the middle of a “Step Up” movie #tooreal


The Beatenberg Band was so refreshing. Having only before heard of Rafael and Still Remember, to then hear of the new Chelsea Blakemore – strongly encouraged to buy their CD and make it part of my Sunday Meltdown playlist 🙂 I was amazed at how the drummer was on both drums and piano, I was looking for a separate set of arms but found none but two, LOL

To end the already thoroughly enjoyed event was Surge and Sarah – Surge a DJ and Sarah a violinist – what a combination – what a performance – and it was only their debut performance!

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Big Dreamer Productions, Surge & Sarah, DKexpressions,, Cape Town Magazine and Casey of Hype Media for granting us the opportunity to be at such a memorable event. It was thoroughly enjoyed and the most EPIC start to my birthday!



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