The Pit Experience…

Since Saturday morning, I have been struggling to string together two words to explain my experience of THE PIT on Friday evening and after a whole lot of scribbling, I decided to hell with how many words there are and figured the pictures shared would be worth so much more if there is not a lot to read…

My cousin Deano and I got to The Side Show around 10pm and already the queue to get inside was wrapping a corner, we however went straight up to  the door, where security stopped us and asked for my ID, not my younger cousin’s ID, he insisted on only me presenting my ID #flatteredindeed #bigsmiles. We explored inside and went upstairs, after weighing our options decided to stay downstairs and was entertained by Chris Taylor followed by Marco Massive (this man lives up to his name hey, massive talent and execution for sure!)


Trust THE PIT to have people dancing with fire (actual fire) on the dance floor, it was nerve wracking! Blitzkrieg got the crowd so alive and even he broke out in sweat as he evidently enjoyed his set just as much as the crowd enjoyed themselves to it. There were German guys in front of me who kept stomping on my size 3 foot (how man?) I kept dancing though because not dancing was unimaginable. Had I not known that Grimehouse was the headlining act, I could’ve sworn it was Blitzkrieg.


The moment the monster of the night (Grimehouse) came on stage, the crowd went wild, one guys stomach must’ve burst as he threw up right there on the dance floor, LOL (hilarious and sick at the same time). His poor friend just turned and said “this is awkward” and then walked him off the floor. The lights, the fire dancers, even a topless woman with a grinder setting off sparks from her abdomen – my nerves, the excitement, the exhilarating entertainment – my soul!!


These are the little moments I captured, however for more pictures check out the following Facebook pages: The Side Show, Grimehouse,  Nicci Notes and LMC Photography 🙂


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