Ever find yourself in “The Pit”?

I have 🙂 and come Friday 12/12; I will fall into “The Pit” once more, LOL

Now some of you may not know what on earth I am rambling about, so let me explain…

The Pit is an explosive show presented by the infamous Grimehouse. It is a sick (for lack of a better word) display of beats conjured, contorted and put together in such a way that there is no means of experiencing the same feeling/exhilaration a second time 🙂 …combine all of that with an almost bewildering and entrancing display of lights and you have “THE PIT”

photo credit: @carolin_sophia
photo credit: @carolin_sophia

My first taste of “The Pit” was at #ClubbersCampout #ForestEdition and I was warned (yes, warned) that I was about to be blown away yet my-stubborn-self did not believe it until I found myself in the eye of the mind-blowing tornado, LOL

Then smack in the middle of my mid-terms, I was coerced into attending the first official show of 2014’s “The Pit” then held at the Train Lodge – and OH EM GEE – I did not expect to have as much fun as what I had that night 🙂 It was way outside of the norms, yet the crowd was raucously alive. I can’t think of a positive word to describe my experience, it’s all negatives but in a complimentary sense – sick, insane, dirty – words seen all over the commentaries of any of Grimehouse’s performances.


This time around the Side Show will be host to “The Pit” and I am too excited!! The even more fun part of this experience is that I get to give one lucky individual access to experience “The Pit” in all its gory glory!

I hear you asking “What do I do Nicci? What do I do?” well simply like the NicciNotes page on Facebook, follow @niccinotes on twitter, share this article and comment below why you would not want to miss this event, because seriously, why would you want to miss this?? So get on your marks, get set…. GO!!

Winner(s) will be announced Thursday 11/12/2014 🙂



One thought on “Ever find yourself in “The Pit”?

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  1. The Pit is absolutely, undeniably, irrefutably, unequivocally Mind Blowing!!!! I HAVE to experience it again, its imperative! Safe to assume I would be having multiple EARgasms of the ninth kind again haha ;-). LETS GET GRIMEY!!!!!

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