In its third year running, I was too excited to get this competition underway, more so because some of my personal favorites are entrants this year 🙂 evidently I was too excited since I got there a whole hour earlier than the scheduled start, alas I took the time to meet with Tony Blonde (the host), staff and friends 🙂


As things got started TwinzSpin stepped up to the decks and the crowd danced as they walked onto the grounds of William Herbert Sports Complex – setting the mood for what promised to be a fun filled afternoon; besides the fun there was the competition aspect of it all clearly…

Judges (LuWayne Wonder, Madfingaz and Uncle Hayden) had the difficult task of differentiating the good from the exceptional based on the following criteria: Creativity, Technicality, Stage Presence and Crowd reaction.

First to step up was 3rd overall winner of 2013: NV Funk along with his drums – as NV does not only deliver on the DJ equipment at hand but puts out some awesome tribal beats along with his strictly South African track selection. I think setting a very high bar for the DJ’s to follow…

After NV Funk were:

–          DJ Nibblez: track selection on point but stage presence was a miss – I don’t think he can dance or it could have been the nerves…

–          Inspector Hero: came across unprepared as he continuously flipped through his CD file but good delivery

–          DJ Raven: I wasn’t all that blown away, since he played a lot of songs overkilled by radio, no sense of creativity, but nice to jam along to

Next to attack the deck was Andy Carr with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweater, he shredded (see what I did there?) the beats about much to the entertainment of the crowd 🙂

Followed by Underdogg Dean who unfortunately had too many technical glitches bringing his set to a complete halt multiple occasions, though prepared with track selection noted infront of him, desired implementation did not go as thought out as the track list.

Then DJ Cazz ripped the decks apart (literally) as he came with his personal equipment and Pentium 1 laptop (Uncle Hayden’s jokes, not mine) – the only DJ to play R&B and Hip Hop which was well received by the crowd 🙂

Ending off the first round of #BCDJ2K14 was DJ Gio and he sure ended off the day almost just as well as what NV started off the day, Gio’s only downfall being his lack of stage presence, which I’m sure was partly due to nerves.


A very well done to the Top 4 of round 1 – NV Funk (1st), DJ Cazz (2nd), Andy Carr (3rd) and DJ Gio (4th). The second round (21/12) is going to be extremely tights as three of my favourites compete against each other: Clint Supreme, Kurt Busch and Jaryd Busch #myshatterednerves. Further details will be revealed closer to the date, so like and follow the Facebook page BEST CLUB DJ and @BC_DJ on twitter 🙂

Thank you to Tony for allowing me free reign and it was refreshing to see how adaptable to last minute change you were and how smoothly everything all came together – very admirable 🙂

Until the next round,



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