The night I went deep…

Deephouse Jam

Since its inception in September, a well-known establishment named The Pizza Shack in Ottery presents an event called Deep House Jam Sessions that brings the southern suburbs to life. From the very first session it has captivated the crowd and become wildly popular amongst people with a deep passion for the house genre.

From the up-and-coming to the relatively well-known DJ’s have stepped up to the decks and I am yet to read a negative comment of the event. It has become a much sought after event from both the audience and DJ’s – who would like a slot in which to perform and display their love for deep house.

Two Wednesdays ago (last of last Wednesday, lol) I decided to give it a go… Upon entry (which is free by the way) I was welcomed by the “housey” tunes of Roger Da Dodger – tingling almost all my musical nerves. I can only imagine the smile on my face as I walked into the establishment – would be weird to just stop walking and break into dance, so I did the usual head bopping and slight “skouer-jol”…

The atmosphere is too welcoming for my whole life’s soul –  the smell of food, the soccer matches being shown on the TV screens – I dare not call it a home away from home, simply because sleep is of no option at The Pizza Shack. The vibe is easy and chilled, large thanks to the music on display I think – it set the tone and put everyone in a good mood.

Throughout the rest of the night the crowd was deeply (pun intended) entertained by Byron Coe, DJ AK, DJ Renno and Dayne Omac – each individual get their fix of deep house met for what should be sufficient for a year yet still craving for more 🙂

Besides the music entertainment, The Pizza Shack has amazing food on the menu and super affordable drinks for those who indulge and the teetotalers – I personally enjoy the trademark Shack Attack Pizza, succulent ribs and chocolate milkshakes 🙂

I would definitely encourage anybody and everybody to go deep, lol, at least once (that sentence seems so inappropriate). If you’re in the southern suburbia, I cannot comprehend a justifiable excuse for not having been there, done that and awaiting T-shirts to be printed, lol

For further information as to when Deep House Jam Sessions will be happening, like The Pizza Shack Facebook page, follow Renno Fortuin and/or Theo Gummi Bosch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – whichever your preferential method – you may just be surprised by a favorite and unexpected guest DJ in the coming festive period 😉

You won’t regret it, go and get your deep on 🙂



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