Let me introduce myself…

When asked to give an intro to oneself, I definitely find it to be the most difficult thing to do unless you’re super egotistical and have loads of praises for oneself 🙂 not that I lack any self-confidence, I’m just not into the whole boasting vibe…

So without further a due… About Nicci… Let me start with the one line I got stuck on – Full time working mom and part time student… That’s it… but I probably have to tell you a bit more hey? You nosey readers, you… (just kidding)

Well, I am a mom to one, a sister to three, a cousin to dozens *lol* friend to many and enemy to few (that I know of) as I probably said something honest that shouldn’t have been said yet needed to be said and boom! Instant dislike #ekcarenie

Always inquisitive, love adventure and new experiences and it is based on my curios and always inquisitive mind that I decided to start this blog. I’m not much of a social butterfly (some may disagree) and also not a home body (some may disagree with that too) however being out and about is too refreshing for my life and always fun (or most times at least).

I will be sharing a lot of my interest for people who are influential (in my opinion) and have the potential to make a difference to their respective industry and/or the world *bwahahaha* I will also be sharing my experiences at different events I may attend whether it be with family/friends/colleagues and hopefully introduce you (my readers – I like y’all already) to places worth a visit if not a few and more #GoodTimes

I am opinionated and random at times when it comes to topics of conversation that may spark an interest, cause a trend of thinking and self-reflection, so part of this blog will be to raise topics that may seem sensitive to some and controversial to others #PineappleThings – if not, why not?

I should probably add a disclaimer – Please note the views expressed on this blog is of mine and mine alone, and the comments thereof is of the opinion of the commentee (is that a word? anyhoo) #VivaFreedomOfSpeech

Oh, and did I mention that I may have a few giveaways hidden in some of my articles? Oh well… now you know 🙂

Feel free to share and you are welcome to contact me should you like my view of any events happening, people/organizations that should receive acknowledgement and establishments worth a visit… and lastly enjoy 🙂

Yours in excitement 🙂



3 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself…

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  1. To think you were soooo stuck on this intro paragraph…and it turned out to be an essay of note lol. Excellent intro Nicci. Looking forward to my daily dose of Nicci Notes. Awesome pp btw, really pretty.

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